Do you send stamps recycling envelopes outside of the UK?

Unfortunately, we are not able to do so at present, but we are most grateful for stamps donations from anywhere in the world. If you would like to donate stamps from overseas, please contact Xchange Master directly on +44 141 328 9357 or email us at [email protected]

How are funds raised from my used stamps?

NERC are able to accept donations of used stamps by working with our postage sorting partner, Xchange Master, who convert postage stamp donations into usable funds. For every kilogram of donated stamps, we receive £20. There is no cost to you – you can order pre-paid envelopes and collection boxes here.

The majority of stamps that are donated are sold to stamp collectors. Some stamps might be sold to artists who use the stamps as coloured pixels to produce huge canvas artwork. A small amount are sold to foreign buyers who buy sought after GB stamps, as the first country to produce stamps. 

If you have any questions please contact Xchange Master on 0141 328 9357.

What type of stamps do you accept?

All types of postage stamps are most welcome, except for pre-printed post office mailing labels and franking machine labels. 

Can I donate stamp albums, postcards etc?

You are welcome to donate stamp collections, albums, postcards and presentation packs of any type. Stamps collections are  most gratefully received and treated with great respect.

How do I send you my used stamps?

If you have less than 3kg of stamps you can send them through the post using our pre-paid envelopes and boxes - request your materials here.

If you have more than 3kg of stamps, you can arrange a courier collection from your home completely free of charge by calling our postage sorting partner, Xchange Master, on 0141 328 9357.

Do I need to prepare my stamps in a certain way?

Yes, please trim your stamps and ensure you leave approximately 1cm of envelope or packaging around each stamp. If you are unable to trim your stamps, you can still donate your stamps. However, but the price of each stamp will be reduced due to extra work required to trim stamps down to be sold onwards.

I would like to collect used stamps at my workplace/school/community/club – can you provide materials to help?

Yes we can, and it’s all free of charge. You can put up posters around your office or building to tell others about your stamp collection. Download your stamp appeal poster here.

We can provide small collection boxes to put in your reception area, kitchen, communal space to use as a central collection point. When they get full, you can then empty these boxes into your pre-paid envelopes to send to us, then use the box again. Order your collection box here.

Encouraging your work colleagues, faith communities, schools, friends, family and neighbours to send in their used stamps is very easy way of supporting eye research - so thank you for your support!   

How does the NERC make use of these funds raised from used stamps?

National Eye Research Centre fund eye research teams across the UK to find the causes of eye disease to develop new prevention methods and more effective treatments.

We help find new and better treatments for all eye diseases in both children and adults.

Together, we can beat sight loss forever.

Thank you so much for your support!

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