By sharing your experience, you can help to raise awareness about your eye disease and the importance of eye research to find new treatments and cures for eye diseases.

With your help, and your voice, we can beat sight loss forever.

Your story of eye disease, sight loss and blindness can add a powerful and personal dimension to the case we try to make for greater investment in eye research. Perhaps you are now finding new ways of living with sight loss or maybe your treatments have restored some of your lost sight.

Sometimes the case we make for more investment in eye research, such as new drugs or clinical interventions and the numbers of people affected can sound rather dry but this important research can be brought to life by someone telling their story of how sight loss affected them, their daily lives and their families.

Please help us if you have a story of sight loss to tell by sharing it with us. Please phone us on 0117 325 7757 or email [email protected] for more information.