Poetry in Vision is Sue Harrod's humorous and life-affirming poetry collection on coping with poor vision, inspired by her personal experiences of retinal surgery.

124 pages, softback priced at £15 and free P&P.

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We are grateful to Sue for donating all the proceeds from the online sales of Poetry in Vision to National Eye Research Centre to fund eye research projects.

Sue tells her story and introduces her book:

This book has been written to fund eye research straight away, all profits after printing costs, to help cure blindness; hooray. It developed from a recovery period lying face down for 7 days, after a retinal operation left her in a daze.  Sue wanted to document that experience from the patient perspective, so dictated to her husband and poetry flowed, her directive. Using humour and emotion to describe episodes in her life, she provides an insight into coping with fast fading sight.

Poetry in Vision by Sue Harrod

Book review by Dr Sarah Bell, Research Fellow at the University of Exeter Medical School in Truro:

"Poetry in Vision is a super book, bringing home the importance of family, friends, passions and creativity in life. From stories of Ukrainian love songs, mistaken identities and stowaway pants, through to the pleasures of sea swimming, surfing and paddle boarding, Sue’s lively and engaging style makes you smile throughout, yet also manages to capture the quirks and challenges of life with sight loss. Nurturing the spirit of adventure, this book is a must-read for anyone with a curiosity for life, and the many ups, downs and diversions that unfold along the way."

You can listen to Sue reciting some of the poems from Poetry in Vision here:








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