It goes without saying, we’re living in difficult times. When faced with large scale adversity, it’s natural to get bogged down in the negative details.

At NERC, we’ve been overwhelmed by the warmth and positivity of our supporters. Despite the challenges we are all facing, the community spirit has stayed high and our determination to find a solution for sight loss remains fierce and unwavering.

During the lockdown period, laboratories across the UK have been closed, meaning that many research projects have been put on hold. Thanks to your support to date, these projects have already made inroads into important discoveries. We are going to make sure that your generous investments do not go to waste, and we are working hard to support each project right up until its intended completion.   

Without the option to extend funding, if needed, many research projects may have to be scrapped, meaning that we’d be taking a step backwards in our progress towards new treatments for vision impairment.

But, with the help of our community of supporters, we can be there for every researcher that needs us.

We are so grateful to everyone that has ever donated a gift to NERC. Thanks to you, we’re still on track, we’re still making progress and we’re still going to find a solution.